Earth Appreciation Festival returns to Steam to celebrate World’s Earth Day

Warsaw, Poland - April 17, 2023. Steam’s Earth Appreciation Festival sale is now live until April 24, 2023. Organized by the developers of Timberborn, The Wandering Village, and Empires of the Undergrowth, the dual-themed sale features about 150 post-apocalyptic and nature games such as Dying Light 2, Far Cry: New Dawn, Farming Simulator 22, Eco, and Dorfromantik. The sale will appear on Steam’s front page to celebrate World Earth Day (April 22), sharing games that emphasize our relationship with our environment, and the consequences should we do wrong by it.

Earth Appreciation Festival 2023 is now live on Steam here

The Earth Appreciation Festival highlights issues affecting our communities, like climate change (Frostpunk), pollution (Deponia), rapid industrialization (Captain of Industry), sustainability (The Long Dark), disease (Plague Inc.), and armed conflict (This War of Mine).

In contrast, many more games showcase the beauty of nature and the variety of life. The event features games showcasing humans working in harmony with nature (such as Farm Together), animal protagonists (Webbed), serene landscapes (ABZU), and reclaiming biodiversity (Prehistoric Kingdom).

Most participating games are available with discounts up to -90%. The sale also includes a section aimed at upcoming games that fit the theme.

Everybody loves a good post-apocalyptic setting, but games like this carry a serious warning. Other developers choose to showcase the Earth's beauty and emphasize its preservation. The games featured in this year's Earth Appreciation Festival serve both purposes, and we're delighted to see that the lineup has grown with many prominent and promising titles to check out! We hope the tradition continues.

- Michal Amielanczyk, Communications Manager for Timberborn.

The first Earth Appreciation Festival, held on Steam in April 2022, included 100 games and was organized by Mechanistry, creators of the beaver city builder Timberborn. For the event’s return in 2023, Mechanistry was joined by two other indie co-organizers, Stray Fawn (The Wandering Village) and Slug Disco (Empires of the Undergrowth).

About Mechanistry

Scattered across Poland, Mechanistry is an independent studio developing its debut title, a beaver city-building game Timberborn. The game had a successful Early Access launch on September 15, 2021, selling over 750.000 copies in a year, and maintaining an overwhelmingly positive rating.

Contact person: Michal Amielanczyk,

About Stray Fawn

Stray Fawn Studio is a ten person indie game studio based in Zurich, Switzerland. The company focuses on developing their own projects which are often situated in the simulation game genre. Procedural content generation and the simulation of living worlds form the core of the studio’s creations.

Contact person: Philomena Schwab,

About Slug Disco

Slug Disco Studios is an indie game developer and publisher based in the UK with a soft spot for nature-themed projects. The company was founded to develop a strategy game based upon the world of ants. Since then, they have expanded to help provide publishing and marketing support to other indie developers.

Contact person: Liam Comerford,

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