Timberborn Early Access sells 130,000 copies in the launch week

Gdańsk, Poland – September 24, 2021. Mechanistry announced that the studio’s debut title, the beaver city-builder Timberborn, sold over 130,000 copies in the first week since the game’s Early Access launch on September 15. Timberborn hit a peak of over 12,000 concurrent players and was well-received, gaining wide press coverage and maintaining 94% positive reviews.

Timberborn is a city-building game set on post-apocalyptic Earth where humans are gone but beavers thrive. The early access release allows the player to choose one of two beaver factions and build a settlement that survives catastrophic droughts. The evolved rodents put up dams and floodgates, terraform, irrigate the land, and build mechanized vertical cities made of wood.

Timberborn is expected to stay in Early Access for at least a year, as Mechanistry will continue to add features and expand the game’s content based on the players’ feedback. The developer’s immediate priorities include improving the in-game tutorial and adding a better save system. The latter will allow Mechanistry to implement cloud saves and GeForce Now support.

Timberborn is now available for PC and Mac via Steam, GOG and Epic Game Store. The Early Access price was set at 24.99 USD.

Timberborn – Early Access highlights
  • Two different beaver factions, each with unique buildings, visual style, and gameplay traits: expert farmers Folktails and the industrious Iron Teeth.
  • Floodgates, canals, river control – all the cool beaver stuff that utilizes destructible terrain and water physics.
  • Dry seasons – beavers need to irrigate the land to keep fields and forests alive even when the droughts hit. They use pumps, irrigation towers, reservoirs and more.
  • Vertical architecture – buildings are stacked atop one another, allowing the player to create tall megastructures or vast cities spanned by platforms and bridges.
  • Lumberpunk – the beavers build sophisticated machinery, use dynamite, and scavenge human ruins for resources.
  • Running a living settlement: with individually simulated units, day-and-night cycles, and district mechanics, the player maintains a truly advanced wood-chewing colony.
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Michal Amielanczyk, Communication Manager


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