Timberborn Launches Update 5 – Badwater, Adding New Ecological Hazards and In-Game Season

Warsaw, Poland. January 18th, 2024—The best-selling beaver citybuilder Timberborn receives its fifth major content update, introducing new ecological hazards to challenge even the most experienced players! Badwater addresses common feedback and reworks all maps to use new mechanics, while adding over 25 new buildings to the game.

“Adding Badwater deepens gameplay and answers recurring requests for more in-game seasons. With two different fluids competing for space, players must be far more creative with water physics and irrigation to avoid contamination,” added Mechanistry Communications Manager Michal Amielanczyk. Timberborn Update 5–Badwater is available in Early Access on PC and Mac via Steam, GOG, and Epic Game Store.


Badwater is polluted fluid waste leftover from human civilization that taints regular water sources, contaminates beavers, and kills crops. In addition to Badwater Sources that burst with waste during wet seasons, a new in-game season called Badtide enters the rotation of Droughts and Wet Seasons.

Update 5 comes with new faction-specific tools and buildings for tackling Badwater contamination–from contamination barriers to decontamination pods. The new hydroengineering tools compliment existing dams, floodgates, and pumps. With Badwater processed into the beneficial Extract, the beavers create new types of dynamite used in terraforming, supercharge their bots, and even mass produce new beavers.

Timberborn Update 5 - Badwater

New faction-specific Decorations and Attractions, like beaver dance halls, join quality-of-life updates including custom keybinds and flipping asymmetrical buildings.

Update 5 Features

  • Badwater Sources and Badtide seasons pollute waterways, contaminate beavers, and kill crops, creating a new gameplay loop and challenges for even the most-experienced player.
  • New faction-specific Buildings to deal with contamination challenges and exploit badwater; water filtration barriers and seals join existing hydro engineering tools, while new production chains allow for curing beavers and powering up bots.
  • Terraforming the landscape is no longer exclusive to bots, however, bots are now immune to Badwater contamination, making them more versatile workers. New types of dynamite allow for faster terra-forming the maps.
  • New faction-specific Decorations and Attractions, from lanterns and hammocks to exercise plazas and beaver-compatible wind tunnels. 
  • Many Quality of Life additions, including custom keybinds, allowing players to flip asymmetrical buildings, and thumbnails for saves and custom maps. 

Launching alongside Timberborn Update 5 is Mechanistry’s Merch Store with t-shirts, mugs, posters, and more. 

Timberborn Merch Store

For more information and to stay up to date with Timberborn developer, Mechanistry, visit website, X (Twitter), YouTube, and check out their Steam page.

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About Mechanistry

Scattered across Poland, Mechanistry is an independent studio developing its debut title, a beaver city-building game Timberborn. The game had a successful Early Access launch on September 15, 2021, selling over 1 million copies in two years, and maintaining an overwhelmingly positive rating on Steam. 

For Media Inquiries

Michal Amielanczyk

Communication Manager at Mechanistry


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