Timberborn mechanizes beavers, sells 750.000 copies in a year

Gdańsk, Poland - September 14, 2022. To celebrate Timberborn’s first anniversary and over 750.000 copies sold, Mechanistry released a massive content patch for the game. Update 2 allows the players of the post-apocalyptic city builder to employ robotic beaver workers and terraform the land. The update also introduces in-game injuries, gravity batteries, and more.

Today, Mechanistry announced that Timberborn sold over 750.000 copies since its Early Access launch on September 15, 2021. Rounding up the first year of the game’s evolution, developers released an update themed around a new core feature: the golems. These robotic beavers are extra efficient workers with traits unique to the factions of their rodent masters. And, as with any machine, they need to be maintained. The wooden Barrelbots run on biofuel and a nitro-like catalyst while metal Cogheads are wound-up and use Control Tower grids to work faster.

The golems are able to take up any job, and if the player is so inclined, they can even take over beaver colonies entirely. As Timberborn’s lead designer Bartlomiej Dawidow points out, it is the studio’s nod towards the ever-expanding AI and the dystopian societies of the future.

Update 2 also implements the endgame ability to terraform. The player can excavate the earth and turn it into new terrain blocks using huge golem-operated rigs. Combined with Timberborn’s signature dams, dynamite, water physics, and the vertical architecture system, this allows for the full reshaping of in-game maps and the water flow.

Among the 18 new buildings added today, there are also gravity batteries and teeth grindstones. The latter is one of the tools used by another fresh feature of Update 2 - Timberborn beavers now suffer from negative statuses such as broken teeth and work injuries.

We’re exactly one year after our studio’s official debut, and it humbles us to see how much Timberborn’s player base has grown. With Update 2, we’re giving our players some of the most requested features - the terraforming and the energy storage - while continuing to expand the toolbox of our hyperintelligent beavers. Golems further add to the game’s sandbox-y feel, and the new negative effects make the game deeper and are true to the post-apocalyptic setting.

– explains Bartlomiej Dawidow.

Timberborn Update 2 is now available for PC and Mac on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store. Until September 26, 2022, the game can be bought with a 20% discount.

Timberborn Update 2 highlights
  • Golems - robotic beavers that can take on the job of any beaver. They’re unique for each faction, they are produced, powered up, and can even be supercharged.
  • Terraforming - the ability to remove terrain and put up new terrain blocks to reshape the maps. This new feature works great paired with Timberborn’s signature water physics and vertical architecture systems.
  • Negative statuses - effects such as work injuries and broken teeth are now in the game. The player needs to work around them using tools such as Medical Beds and Teeth Grindstones.
  • Other new content such as Gravity Batteries, a rework of wellbeing mechanics, quality-of-life changes (including automated district migrations), and more.
Timberborn Early Access highlights
  • Two different beaver factions, each with unique buildings, visual style, and gameplay traits: expert farmers Folktails and the industrious Iron Teeth.
  • Floodgates, canals, river control – all the cool beaver stuff that utilizes destructible terrain and water physics.
  • Dry seasons – beavers need to irrigate the land to keep fields and forests alive even when the droughts hit. They use pumps, irrigation towers, reservoirs and more.
  • Vertical architecture – buildings are stacked atop one another, allowing the player to create tall megastructures or vast cities spanned by platforms and bridges.
  • Lumberpunk – the beavers build sophisticated machinery, use dynamite, and scavenge human ruins for resources.
  • Running a living settlement: with individually simulated units, day-and-night cycles, and district mechanics, the player maintains a truly advanced wood-chewing colony.
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