Timberborn Update 3 teaches beavers how not to be wasteful in the wasteland

Gdańsk, Poland - December 16, 2022. In the third major update to their beaver city-building game, Mechanistry expands on key aspects of survival in a post-human world. Update 3 revolutionizes resource storage, adds the ability to scrap buildings for materials, redesigns beaver robots, and adds many quality-of-life improvements requested by the players.

The update’s highlight is the new roster of beaver storage units: tanks, piles, and warehouses. Timberborn’s superintelligent rodents collect and process many materials, ranging from logs and aquatic crops to pine resin and scrap metal. With Update 3, it is easier to manage the flow of large quantities of resources across the colony. This is thanks to the functional changes such as the “one good per storage” rule and UI additions including a new in-game overlay. The open, stackable design of the new buildings adds to Timberborn’s hallmark vertical architecture and increases the visual variety, as each resource is visible individually when stored or in transport.

Update 3 also addresses a number of common player requests. Mechanistry added the ability to recycle in-game buildings - now, rubble from a removed building is processed by the beaver builders and brought back to storage. Other changes include a full visual redesign of the beaver bots, previously known as golems, improvements to in-game migrations, and more.

After a content-packed Update 2 in September, we knew we would focus on the quality of life next. We’ve had a long look at what the new and existing players say, and decided to redo the storage system entirely. For a city-building game like ours, it is the backbone of the gameplay. The players also made it clear our mechanical beavers could use a redesign, and the recyclable buildings were sitting at the top of the wishlist for a while now. We happily obliged, adding several other improvements in the process and even hiding some extra-secret easter eggs.

- explains Bartlomiej Dawidow, Timberborn’s lead designer.

Timberborn Update 3 is now available for PC and Mac on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store. The game will be available in all platforms’ holiday sales with a 20% discount.

Timberborn Update 3 highlights

  • New storage system. There are now eleven different warehouses, piles, and tanks in the game. The player uses them to store a single good selected from an increased pool of resources, and the storage can be set to actively obtain the good from the colony.
  • Better resource presentation. Storage units and goods have been reworked visually, with all resources now visible in the game when stored or transported. The storage system received several UI improvements, including a dedicated in-game overlay.
  • Recyclable buildings. It is now possible to recover materials from deleted buildings - either already operating or still in construction. Beavers need to process the rubble first.
  • Golem redesign. Golems have been redesigned, received new animations, and have been renamed bots to better reflect their role.
  • QoL improvements. Many other tweaks, such as UI improvements to the essential Settlement Panels and the migration interface, a built-in screenshot tool, and more.

Timberborn Early Access highlights

  • Two different beaver factions, each with unique buildings, visual style, and gameplay traits: expert farmers Folktails and the industrious Iron Teeth.
  • Floodgates, canals, river control, terraforming – all the cool beaver stuff that utilizes destructible terrain and water physics.
  • Dry seasons – beavers need to irrigate the land to keep fields and forests alive even when the droughts hit. They use pumps, irrigation towers, reservoirs and more.
  • Vertical architecture – buildings are stacked atop one another, allowing the player to create tall megastructures or vast cities spanned by platforms and bridges.
  • Lumberpunk – the beavers build sophisticated machinery, use dynamite, and scavenge human ruins for resources. They even use faction-specific mechanical beavers!
  • Running a living settlement: with individually simulated units, day-and-night cycles, and district mechanics, the player maintains a truly advanced wood-chewing colony.

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